Film Processing

YES we process colour film in store in 1 hour.

In store processing for 35mm, APS, and 120 medium format in both Colour and Black and White.

We also have an online service for home delivery.

Black and white are processed weekly.

E6 Slide film ore processed weekly and suppled unmounted.

What You Need To Know About Film Processing 

We have noticed a decline in the quality of prints that we are seeing locally. With 35mm film not being as popular as it once was quality is not always coming first and many labs have been forced to stop processing film.  Why?

  • The chemical process need a consistent amount of film going through it.  Most labs using 10ltr tanks, require around 10-20 rolls a day.
  • Labs getting less films need to add chemistry regularly to keep their chemicals stable, which costs time and money.  Labs getting under 5 rolls a day would end up regularly dumping their chemistry.  Without a good amount of film going through it it never really gets to a stable constancy for acceptable results.


What to look out for

Your negatives should have the type of film, neg numbing and coding alone the film edge.  This should be clear and not faded. If it isn’t 100%, the image would also have suffered. Reduced contrast, exposure latitude and increased grain are all indicators of a lab that is lacking the appropriate quality control.


What we do

 We use a 4.5ltr Film processing lab.  This only requires 5-10 rolls a day to keep stable though we normally process at least 10-15 a day.

When film was at its peak our store was the biggest stand alone lab in the southern hemisphere (Kodak express figures) with the best days/nights seeing our store process over 1000 rolls per 24 hours.

We regularly  test our chemistry and know what to look for.  Our full time lab operator has been in the industry for a almost 30 years


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