Camera Appeal


Camera appeal. first est 2009


The aim:  To accept unwanted or unused cameras from people who no longer require them and put them into the hands of people wanting to use them.

The cameras were donated or many now purchased

as we have not always been able to help out our

customers with donated stock.



How it works:

  • Customers come in with their unwanted cameras
  • We then give compact cameras away when customers purchase two 3-packs of film*

*We give the SLR cameras away when customers buy 6x  3packs of film, Or film to the value of $150.

This ensures they are going to a good home and not just going to be sold on.


We also take donations of old enlargers.  (note if an item is donated it will not be sold on it will be given away)


We also give cash or trade-in for Digital SLR or lenses.

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