Nikon S9100 – comfortable shooting in matt

The matt black fascia of Nikon’s S9100 compact camera is

aesthetically very pleasing and offers a perfect amount of

grip using minimal effort.

nice to the touch

The S9100 has a massive zoom range!

from 25mm wide angle shooting

to a rather long 450mm. That chap in the mall does look hungry!

You’ll never have chosen the wrong lens with this camera.

With a zoom like that it’s got them all. Zooming happens at fast but useable

speed. In fact the whole camera operates rather quickly.

candid black and white - the mail man

Black and whites shot with the S9100 do look nice,

especially when used in selective colour mode.

here in blue

and again in red

And we also have soft sepia

timeless soft sepia

Of course in normal mode, the S9100 makes people

look like people, and gives correct exposure and colour

while doing it.

The back lighting didn't fool this camera. Nice one Nikon.

Now let’s look at continuous shooting.

animation maker5 shots at rapid rate. That’s pretty good.

The Nikon S9100 is nice to hold, easy and fast to use

and gives pleasing images. Great as a general purpose and travel camera.

Nikon S9100

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